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In this shop we would like to promote the work of our graduates, with all profits going to the artists. So do you see something you would like to buy? Get in touch with the artist by using their personal contact information.

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* We keep the page as updated as possible, keep in mind that when you contact the artist it can take some time or the item can be sold out.
* All prices are excluding shipping costs.

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In this overview we would like to promote the work of HKU artists, with all profits going to the artists. So do you see something you would like to buy? Get in touch with the artist by using their personal contact information. The price stated is always excluding shipping costs.

Medium: Publication, 16.5x24 cm, 100 pages, printed on Munken Print White 1.5, 115 g/m², cover paper is Fedrigoni Ispira Bianco Purezza, 360 g/m². Book bound with a Swiss binding and an embossed cover.
Edition of 55, 25 for sale

Medium: Prints taken from the book ‘If only sorrow were a constant’ Black risoprints on Gmund Cotton - Max White - 300 g/m², 20x29 cm
Edition of 25 each, 20 for sale
Price: € 6,- each

Price: €20,-
︎www.robbertvanbinsbergen.com ︎robbert.tiff

If only sorrow were a constant

“Do not whimper or whine about your negative feelings. Keep them to yourself and continue to thrive.” It is the slogan of modern day society, in which it is okay to display your feelings in any shape or form, as long as they are positive.

Social media such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are built on the commodification of emotions and personal achievements. With a ravenous attitude towards sensation and positivity, posts are shared to create an immediate pay-off. Influencers broadcast their ‘perfect’ life as a marketable product that you too can purchase. This faux-positivity needs to come to a stop.

Instead of raving about the ‘positive’ – as we normally do – the publication If Only Sorrow Were a Constant gives the floor to narratives about melancholy. It is an ode to the endless versatility and ambiguity of  this term, as Victor Hugo wrote: “Melancholy is the happiness of being sad.”
︎keristoelinga.com ︎keristoelinga@gmail.com

Fragments from ‘Terug aan boord’

These images are part of my project
‘Terug aan boord’. Terug aan boord is a film that takes you aboard the ship the Zeelandia. With the use of film I’m observing my parents during their daily activities in and around the ship. Photography was the starting point of this project and therefore I’ve made a selection of some images for you to buy. These are made during the process of making the film. 

Medium: Photography, 21 x 21 cm (includes a small white border), Luster photopaper
Edition of 4

Water (triptych)
Price: €25,-

︎pepzuiderveld@gmail.com ︎www.pepijnzuiderveld.com

Project Hortum

Medium: Publication, 20,6xm x 26cm
printed on 80 gram biotop paper.
Edition of 30
Price: € 40,-

Set of prints (A5), enhanced matte paper. 
Edition of 10
Price: €20,-

Kleur bekennen, de catalogus & de canvastas

The catalog shows what color ‘Kleur bekennen’ stands for. In this book you get a look at what everyday life would look like if ‘Kleur bekennen’ were applied. You can see what the patterns in the project stand for. 

The canvas bag is an object that originated from ‘Kleur bekennen’. A project in which eight emotions are treated, each with its own pattern. These patterns are printed on fabric used to make this canvas bag. For the canvas bag you can choose from eight different emotions, so also 8 different patterns. Disgust, fear, happy, angry, love, shame, surprise and sadness. Each pattern has a small, medium, and large version. These versions indicate the intensity of the emotion. The canvas bag is made uniquely for you!

Are you interested in this? Please contact me quickly and we will make your original canvas bag together.

Medium: Publication (21x21cm) and canvas bag (40x40cm). The inside of the book is printed on Pro Design 160 grams. The cover is printed on the paper type Print Speed offset white 300 grams. The cover is also matte laminated.The fabric with which the canvas bag is made  is called mezo. This is a heavier cotton type which makes it look like canvas.

Edition of 30 

Catalog €18,50
Canvas bag €16,50

︎fleurstikvoort@gmail.com ︎www.fleurstikvoort.com


Here Lies Dust, Ashes & Nothing

Art can make us aware of our overconsumption and overproduction. It might even be used as a powerful tool to make us aware of our subconscious addictive behaviours, which we otherwise are oblivious to. Socio-ecological values in art are key to stay relevant in the contemporary art world. It is also a way to contribute to society, after all, art is about perception of reality. This is what makes art a necessity.

Medium: Magazine, A4 - 21 x 29,7 cm, Roman paper. 
Edition of 5 or print on demand
Price: 8,-

Waardering II +  III

While looking at a beautiful image of nature can evoke appreciation, it also creates a misguided image, because this is not what nature really looks like when you look it up. How does this constructed and romanticized view of nature affect how we view and interact with nature?

This is a sister painting to the original from the Custom Nature installation.

Composition of dried leaves and flowers in a vintage frame, closed with cardboard. Frame includes small painting hanger.


Catalog Custom Nature

In the context of climate change, we humans interact with nature in an almost uncomfortable way. We intervene and shape nature, in which it is sometimes not clear whether we do this with good intentions or not. We keep nature in check, while at the same time romanticizing it and finding it important. Our glorified image of nature also guides us in our conflicting actions.
In this booklet you will learn more about the different works, about the working method and the process.

Printed on 170 gr/m2 Rebello paper (recycled paper, 148mm x 210mm (A5), Hand sewn and numbered
Edition of 25
Price: €15
Waardering IV + V

Composition of dried leaves and flowers in a vintage frame on MDF.

Postcard set

A series of postcards from the original painting from the Custom Nature installation.

Medium: printed on 300 gr/m2 Rebello paper (recycled paper),148mm x 105mm (A6)
Price: 3 for €5,-

Kom zo bij u terug
Medium: Filmposters, 59,4x42 cm, 200 grams glossy paper. 

Price: €15,- each

You, my tree

Candle with the structure of the tree. The candle is available in different colours; green, brown/grey and white. Each candle is unique and will vary slightly in size. 

Price: €6,- each
Medium: Candle, 6x4x10cm (for sale in boxes of 10x10x10 cm), paraffine  
Edition 25/30  


Medium: Postcards (18,5 x 14 cm) and posters (on demand), FocusCard 300 g

Edition of 30, set of 7 cards.

Price: €10,- per set
Posters for sale on demand


Behind our individualistic self-image is a deep desire to belong and be part of a community. The group brings a sense of togetherness and ensures (social) safety. However, it can also mean that we remain less and less connected with our own unique identity and that we adopt the behavior of the group more and more without thinking. To eventually merge completely unrecognizable as an individual in the group and environment.

Herd Spirit poetically shows our docile and animal mentality. To what extent are we aware of our copying behavior and, perhaps more importantly, where does it lead us?

Transcendental Shores - Post-Human Poetry 

Transcendental Shores - Post-Human Poetry ‘Transcendental Shores’ is a collection of speculative poems that focus on a non–binary state of existence and functions as a manifest to re-conceive what it means to be human. It outlines a form of humanity based on harmony and symbiosis. A humanity freed of bodily limitations, social constructs and neoliberal hegemonies. Co-written by algorithmic language models: it uses artificial intelligence as a ‘second’ creative brain. It is an exciting co-operation between man and machine, portraying a prelude to a post-human future.

Medium: Publication, 130 mm x 200 mm, Transcendental Shores is printed on 120grams Rough Coldwhite and 120grams Luna Silver Mini with a 380grams Curious Skin Black cover.
Edition of 10
Price: €25,- 

NVDP Card Set

Set 3 designs in various color ways (6 prints total), two designs are related to my graduation project Transcendental Shores and the other is a NVDP custom print made especially for this set. The set contains a combination of Risoprints and digital prints.

Medium: NVDP Card Set (A5) is printed on a variety of quality papers with weights between 225, 250 and 320 grams.
Edition of 15
Price: €15,-


WIP P.2, WIP P.3, WIP P.7

Pages I used in the ongoing story of my project. 

Medium: RISO prints (offset) geprint in Blue, Yellow, Red en Black. 29,7x42 cm (A3), Biotop 120 g.
Three differrent prints, each in edition of 20 
Price: €20,- each



Het ergens zijn waar je niet vandaan komt

People with autism have a different way of perceiving than people without autism. That doesn't mean there's anything "wrong" with them, just that they have a different type of brain. The stereotype of autism can be broken by providing a clearer picture of how people with autism process stimuli and information. The concepts of 'neurodiversity' and 'neurodivirgent' are missing here and should be given more attention in order to better understand autism.

In the publication ‘Het ergens zijn waar je niet vandaan komt’, stories of experience put autistic voices first.

Medium: Publiaction (15x25cm) , postcards (10x15cm) and posters (A3). The publication is printed on 300 grams Nautilus Superwhite. 100 grams Nautilus Superwhite, 90 grams Paperwise and 125 grams Valorise. 

Publication edition of 25, 12 different postcard desings and 4 diffrerent poster designs.

Publication €15,- 
Postcards €2,- each or a set of 5 for €5,-
Poster €10,-

An illustrative wandering - HOBO Zine

Medium: Riso print, 48 pages, 20 x 28 cm, 90 grams EOS paper, dumpster-dived cardboard cover
Edition of 100
Price: €25,-


In A Really High Building Time Goes Faster

In a Really High Building Time Goes Faster” is a 360 stop motion video about deep time. Long periods of time that exceed human lives. By thinking about deep time you can put your own life into perspective and see the big picture a little more instead of getting stuck in small things. When you put on the 360 glasses, you really physically dive into deep time, until you have to come up again and take off the glasses. This is the same experience as when you think about deep time, you can touch it for a moment but you will never be able to fully understand it. This abstract feeling is translated into something tangible with this project.

Medium: Package with screen-printed 360 glasses and hand-bound booklet about the project. 17x25.5x3, laser print & screen print on fuego matt white 120grams & 200gsm paper & black cardboard.

Total edition of 25, 7 for sale. 

Contact informatie (email, website, social media): Info@ronjaidaweia.com & instagram: @ronjaidaweia
Price: €19,95


The plant-based instrument 1, 2, 3, 4

Outcome of research into growth patterns and leaf structures, made in the greenhouse of the plant-based instrument.


Medium: Prints (A2) on premium mat papier
Edition of 10
Price: € 35,-

 Growing Images
Medium: Photography, printed on premium luster paper, 28cm x 20cm
Edition of 10 


Price: €20,-
Urban Aesthetics & Happy Encounters (print)

A print of that stone collection of the original object, the title of the project is incorporated in the grid.

Medium: Print,320mm x 450mm (SRA3), laserprint on Kraftpak 244 grams Edition of 50
Price: €5,-

Urban Aesthetics & Happy Encounters (zine)

A short but highly obsessive publication about an object that usually would not receive attention.

Medium: Publication, 297mm x 210mm (A4), Laserprint, (cover) Kraftpak 244 gram, (inside) Recystar 115 gram, stapled.
Edition of 15 Stuks
Price: €15,- 

Ceramics, illustration
Edition of 10 per work


To Grasp a Rhythm, It is Necessary to be Have Been Grasped By It

Unique autographed zines with abstract stills and QR code for a sound clip.

Medium: Paper type varies by zine (A5)
Edition of 10
Price: €15,- 


︎www.esmeedekreij.nl ︎esmeedekreij

Medium: Photography, archival prints on enhanced matte paper. All prints come with a simple frame. Wave 18cm x 24cm, The Chair 28cm x 20cm, Remnants 24cm x 18cm

Edition of 10

‘Bij leven’

‘Bij Leven' is a publication based on Elisa Verkoelen's graduation project. The book was conceived through a system that works with presence and absence, so that the photos on each page continue into each other's emptiness.

Medium: Publication, 165 x 220 mm, Munken pure 80 grams, Cromatico trans white 120 grams, hand made.
Price: €20,- for sale on demand

︎elisaverkoelen@gmail.com ︎www.bijleven.com / www.elisaverkoelen.com ︎elisaverkoelen

Finding a home within the walls of my body 

In my work I investigate how the feeling of home goes together with fear and peace. Where is this limit? In 'Finding a home within the walls of my body I look for the relationship between the fear/unrest that one day I feel and the aesthetics of the image I want to convey. This glossing is there so I can control what people see of me. My images are a romanticization of fear and anxiety, which I wish it would be could be, but never will be. I consider my work to be poetic and therapeutic; it shows some kind of comfort. By exposing myself, I want the curtain of this idyllic drop perfectionism. The work shows a confrontation between these two realities.

Medium: Photography booklet, 7cm x 10cm x 40cm, FocusCard Linen 300g and metal wire.

Edition of 10 or on demand
Price: €10,-

︎rachelgoeman@hotmail.com ︎https://rachelgoeman.wixsite.com/photo
Ik vind dat mensen minder moeten vinden.

This publication is a collection of 32 handmade typographic posters that will teach you from cover to cover how to nuance your black and white opinions.

Medium: Scanned painted letters, digitally edited and turned into print. A4 (210mm x 297mm), 44 pages, Fuego Matt paper.
Edition of 30
Price: €20,-


Price: €10,- per print

Contact: ︎mickydirkzwager@gmail.com 

Cotton Cap, 15 cm
Price: €25,-

Postcards, 250 grams paper, 21 x 15cm
Price: €3,50 each
Vergeten Gasten - Eerstehands verhalen over tweedehands gebouwen

During the ‘Vergeten Gasten’ city walk you will be shown around with the help of a publication and podcast. Face to face with three Amsterdam hotels, you will hear special stories about the past from the original users of these buildings. Walk along a socialist printing house, a pre-war fashion house and an anarchist university. By purchasing the publication you get access to the eight episodes of the podcast and you can take the walk.

Medium: Publication and podcast, 205 x 285 mm, risoprint on Recystar Nature 70 grams paper and a website with audio fragments. 
Edition of 35
Price: €15,- 

De vier dozen van mijn Joodse drukkersfamilie

In my parents' attic are four old boxes filled with memories of my mother's Jewish family. I had seen them before, but never had the guts to unpack them. For two generations, from 1917 to 1980, my ancestors were employees and later (co-)directors of the Jewish printing company Joachimsthal in Amsterdam. My great-great-grandfather Izaak and great-grandfather Wiet were real graphic artists, specializing in typesetting and typography. The Firma Joachimsthal was one of the few printers in the Netherlands that could print Hebrew and therefore formed an important link in the Jewish community. The role that the printery was assigned by the Nazis during the war appears to be partly at the origin of dramas and traumas that splintered the family. I go in search of untold stories. What rolled off the presses in the war? What did Isaac and Wiet have to do to survive?

As a graphic designer and descendant, I feel the need to tell their story.

Medium: Publication, 24x16,5 cm, Bio Top 3 Next 80 g/m2, Chromatico Transwhite 90 g/m2, PaperWise Natural 90 g/m2, Gmund Original Verge 100 g/m2, FocusBook Ivory 90 g/m2 and Mulberry Paper.

For sale on demand


"Are We There Yet?"

Accompanying text with the installation.
Medium: Booklet, 116 x 210 mm, 16 pages

Edition of 100

Price: €2,-
︎ luxnautilusamsterdam@gmail.com 
︎ luxnautilus

A print about the beauty in the melancholic tone of loss. That impermanence is also in the print, it is temperature sensitive (20 degrees). So when you hold/touch it, the warmth of your hands will reveal the lost crows. On warmer days they will also show themselves without being touched. The print is changeable per temperature.

Each print is screen printed by hand, so they are all unique.

Medium: Riso and screenprint, 148 x 210 mm, 300 grams Biotop paper.
Edition of 20
Price: €14,- 


A print about the forever changing moment and the loss within it. That impermanence is also in the print, it is temperature sensitive (27 degrees). With a hair dryer you will be able to reveal the underlayer in its entirety. However, this is only for a short period of time. On hot days, it will discolour slightly on its own. 

Each print is screen printed by hand, so they are all unique.
Medium: Laser printer in combination with screenprint, 320 x 450 mm, 300 grams Fuego matt paper. 

Edition of 3
Price: €21,- 

Error Correctie

From insulating helmets, walking sleeping bags and an anus cover for your cat, none of these inventions were successful. Until now. ‘Error Correction’ humorously gives these and a number of failed inventions a second chance at success.

Medium: Publication, 170x240 mm, Hardcover.

Edition of 24
Price: €18,-

︎www.naydiennebonifacio.nl / 
︎naydiennebonifacio / de_pottenventers

Interwoven – A Dialogue with Nature

Interwoven – A Dialogue with Nature is a publication that tells more about the process of the graduation work Interwoven, goes deeper into the concept and addresses a number of philosophical issues.
Edition of 50
Price: €14,95

Postcards – a set of postcards contains 3 different cards, each with a different image from the process/work. On the backs you will find more brief information about the work, process and moulds.
Edition of 200
Price: €1,-

Medium: Publication (A5), 72 pages, set of 3 postcards (A6), 90 g Roman papier,  Berk papier 270 g/m 



Weer één Keer-01, 02, 03

My interest lies mainly in material combinations in which imperfections can arise. In my work I look for ways to highlight the fragile properties of materials such as glass and paper. With this I try to emphasize the tactility of material and medium.

Medium: Photography, 01&02: 68x115 cm 03: 86x98 cm, glass and paper/inkjet printing

Unique works
Price: €350,-



From an early age we learn information from different knowledge systems of visual transmission. For example, I found myself in a school system where posters and images communicated with us about knowledge through a certain structure.

For example through the compositions, numbering, letters and symbols; The N stands for nice, the C for curious.

In DIT&DAT= I enter into a game with my own standard level through knowledge systems of visual transfer. What influence does registered information have on forming a value judgement?
How does that affect imaging?

DIT&DAT= consists of a newspaper publication, a museum exhibition and can be found throughout the city center of Utrecht.

Medium: Photography, newspaper,  297,01x207,9mm, Recystar 70 gr
Edition of 13
Price: €15,-

De Digitale Stad

The series is called ‘De Digitale Stad’, and is divided into three booklets; ‘Het Capitool’, ‘De vlaktes’ and ‘De Buitenwijken’. My story explores three corners of the internet in the form of cities with inhabitants. The city takes you on a journey through the books and shows you what to expect here. The story is told through the cities and the buildings.

Medium: 3 booklets or 1 set with packaging, 22 x 19 cm, Fuego flat white 260 grams, Recystar 170 grams.

Edition of 10
€10,- per booklet
€50,- for a set

Our surreal brain

Medium: Photography, 297 x 210mm, enhanced matt photopaper, inkjet print

Edition of 3
Price: €15,-


What my mother left me

Collage of objects from my disinheritance. 
Medium: Risoprint on paper (A3)
Edition of 7 
Price: €150,- per print
I Caught a Reflection—Past

The publication ‘I Caught a Reflection—Past’ documents the tracks and traces of an investigation into the workings and complexity of human memory. Trying to unravel and discover more about the meaning and influence our memory has on how we experience, see, and what happens when we forget.

Medium: Publication,

140mmx220mm, soft cover, 96 pages, printend on Munken Polar Rough, 120 grams, Munken Premium Cream 1.95, 90 grams, Papyrus Rainbow Light Pink 120 grams.

Edition of 27, 10 for sale
Price: €25,-
Copyrighted View

Medium: Publication, 29 x 21,5cm, printed on chromolux 120 grams

Edition of 20, also available on demand 
Price: €40,-