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In ‘Vanaf Hier’ we have a different guest every episode, causing a chain reaction; each episode the analyzed student -from the previous episode- is invited to discuss with us the work of another, and so on. With this we want to provide insight into the creative process and introduce the listener to the work of students from the HKU.

Vanaf Hier Episode #6
Vanaf Noa Wassink

Vanaf Hier Episode #5
Vanaf Joeri Boelhouwer
Vanaf Hier Opendag Special
As part of the Open Day, we will record a live special episode of our podcast in which students from different study programs are our guests. We'll talk about their thinking process, what are their sources of inspiration and how do they make choices in their work? And what are the differences and similarities?
Vanaf Hier Episode #4
Vanaf Menno Zegers
Vanaf Hier Opendag Special
Vanaf Hier Episode #3
Vanaf Hanneke
Vanaf Hier Episode #2
Vanaf Wibe Koopman
Vanaf Hier Episode #1
Vanaf Elisa Verkoelen