0.00h - 24.00h

Salon from Home 

OPEN CALL: Are you a student, professional, artist, maker, designer, creator, weirdo, filmmaker DIY blogger or you just want to share something you’re working on? Send us a dm or get in touch via salon@hku.nl.
We, the crew of HKUsalon, invite you to share your work with us and everyone who is sitting at home due to corona. We are also working on an online program, to keep you busy. So stay tuned!


In verband met de huidige situatie rondom het corona virus werken we momenteel aan een online programma. We laten regelmatig het werk zien dat vanuit huis gemaakt wordt en nodigen je uit om deel te nemen aan online lezingen en gesprekken. Neem gerust contact met ons op als je een bijdrage wilt leveren!

#17 Charlotte de Vries

"It is difficult to visualize space from Earth, so I sent out Gallivanter to report on the elusive Planet 9. Gallivanter - Making Space is both a hymn of praise to - to me unimaginable - space travel, as a question about its surrounding communication. Through a mix of inaccessible places, abstract concepts, data visualization and various visual languages a story with mythical features arises. Can we base our understanding of reality on this?"
#16 Tonya Heeringa

My name is Tonya Heeringa and I am a second year student in Photography. At the moment, I am busy performing visual research on the ways we can be watched by others. This concept is based on a specific direction; namely putting the viewer into a stalkers perspective. Stalkers embody the overall idea of being watched, because they embed every possible way of following another person. During the making of these images, I try to find a balance between fiction and reality. By adding the stalkers perspective to my work, you are taken away to an alienated world that you have no control over.
#15 Annelotte Stroober

My name is Annelotte Stroober, third year photography student. Though, I wouldn't consider myself a photographer as I mostly work with film, installation and music.
My work is about the terms 'human' and 'non-human' and with this installation I am trying to break the boundaries between these two. I made a connection between human movements and machines, to question who is influenced by who. We made machines, but at the same time we want to work like machines: fast and functional.
This project is made with found footage, which is in photography terms a fast and functional way to spread, download and share video's.
Every week the band I Am Lotus releases a song with a video, to stay in contact with the outside world. This song is one of the four songs I Am Lotus has made in times of social distancing. “Its harder to keep the writing process fluid and flowing, but then again the reward is also much greater when you realize that creating is still possible.” states Sebastiaan, the synth player and manager of the band. “It’s also very important to keep realizing you’re not alone. That’s also a reason why we keep trying to make these connections.” 
#13 Vincent Spiering

I am an illustrator in year one trying out some animation skills. This film was created during the seminar ‘Lockdown stop motion’. I experimented with motion, humor, lightning and overlapping text to try and tell a story. I started this series to challenge myself to create something funny and interesting with just two characters. I chose R2-D2 and 3-CPO because I always loved Starwars as a kid.