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Salon Crew

The team behind Salon consists of a diverse group of students from different departments of HKU Media.

If you have an idea or if you want to help out, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!


Elisa Verkoelen Illustration  ︎elisaverkoelen

Daan Alberts Animation

Chayren Zimmerman Photography

Maite Vanhellemont COORDINATOR

Teri de Wit Illustration

Bas Lanting

Arta Samakova Graphic Design

Ben Patacas


Keanu Schipper Graphic Design

Mara de Groot
Graphic Design

Madelief Kok
Graphic Design

Tom van Osch
Graphic Design

Misha Appel
Graphic Designer ︎mishaappel

Jordi Verrijdt
Graphic Design

Pepijn Zuiderveld


Salon is a platform for and by students of HKU Media - expo’s, lectures, workshops and discussions in which exchange with others is the main goal.

The connections you make during your time as a student can be very valuable, also after you’ve graduated. By organizing a variety of events, we aim to bring students from different departments in contact with each other which hopefully results in new connections, ideas and inspiration.