0.00h - 24.00h

Salon Isolation Celebration


In these crazy times we are longing for some positivity, which is why Salon, hkufeesten & hkucafe join forces on Saturday May 2 for Isolation Celebration! Put on something nice and tune in for a good selection of music, spoken word, live visuals and more from 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM.


1.15h dolley deejay & ro barbie
0.15h lucfasa - daniel sante - pseo lux
23.45h dylan greene & gus wickerhoff
23.00h LIJO & pocket knife army
22.00h oliv oliv - james whistler -
roman coskun
21.30h open mic
21.00h SEM
20.30h vikkie doet alles
20.00h waar het schip strand

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ro barbie
Dolly’s back, but this time she closes the night so things are going to be a little different. Expect 90s trance with occasional acid sounds, ending in pumping hard trance/ borderline techno. She loves mixing classy old-school trance with songs on the more thrashier spectrum of the genre, so who knows, maybe she even ends the set with a teeny sprinkle of hardcore? Meanwhile, Ro Barbie has prepared a live painting performance that will definitely influence your imagination.. 
Lucfasa aims to get you on a rythm, tensed and relaxed to express every side of you. And that is just the start.. join him tomorrow at 00:15! Afterwards pseolux will guide you through a variety of atmospheres. His unconditional love for music spreads positively, resulting in a remarkable journey of warmth. According to daniel.sante the digital world is one of many (virtual) realities and possibilities and the screen is your door to nearly anything imaginable. In a world of pixels you can be whoever and do whatever. Find out where his pixels will take you! 
Producer and DJ Dylan Greene will pump an eclectic mix of disco, funk and electronic music into your living room, straight from vinyl. Meanwhile Gus Wickerhoff will provide you with visuals based on found footage and personal archive images that are given a new chemical composition by means of effects and mixing techniques. He likes to enter the mysterious and let the moment determine what’s shown in his final output.
LIJO captures her adventurous, adult songwriting in eccentric pop songs that compellingly follow her own rules. She pushes the boundaries of both other people’s expectations and her own comfort zone by using synths, beats and loops. Nonconformist altpop with guts! This Saturday she teams up with pocketknifearmy who will provide you with electric-rock from another universe. Songs with attitude and expressive vocals, crackling synths, pounding drum machines and gritty basses. Warn your neighbors and set your volume to 11!
Oliv Oliv makes live music with a modular synthesizer in a genre that waves between ambient, techno and pop music. Especially for this Saturday it will be an instrumental set full of warm and melodic compositions that will further hypnotize you into the night! Next up is romancoskun who plays everything between house and techno, but also the kind of music your mother likes. During this full hour you can enjoy the visuals made by jameswhistlerAltogether, it promises to be an experience based on hypnotic colors, that will bring you on a rhytmic, explosive journey through the senses.
The mic is open from 21.30 to 22.00!
Call Viktor for your moment of fame.
SEM is a project by Sem Peters, who will take us on a journey through a world of sounds, this Saturday at 9pm! He will do this through a hybrid performance of abstract and conventional electronic beats, synthesizers and guitar. 
Viktor couldn’t choose what to do for the stream and made the decision to cram as many activities as possible in half an hour. In any case, expect a few nice tunes, a look into your future, a cocktail tutorial and other jokes! 
We will open the evening this Saturday with a podcast to escape by waarhetschipstrand which will rotate around two central questions. What would I do differently after this crisis? And what should the world do differently after this crisis? With today’s luggage in mind, they’ll have conversations that fall in a grey area between science fiction, activism, dreams, regrets, but above all fun and contact in times of isolation.