0.00h - 24.00h

Salon Exhibition

#2 In your absence

For all of us the lockdown came unexpected. We lost touch with a dearly beloved place and with many of the faces we saw passing by every day. During this period many of us have made work that we have never been able to share with each other.
With ‘In your absence’ we want to fill the void of this period and celebrate that we have again the freedom to share our creative outings. We have selected work from students of different departments in order to stimulate the mutual exchange and to allow new contacts to flourish.
On view at HKU Oudenoord until October 13!

#1 Laus Heezemans - Playground

Take a seat and start stacking, sliding and grouping the clay shapes to create your own composition on the table. Heezemans rarely makes interactive work, but the installation "Playground" is an exception. Laus Heezemans graduated from the fine art department of the HKU in 2009 and exhibits regularly, from Atelierroute to Kunstrai. "Playground" can now be seen in the porch of Oudenoord 700.

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