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Hierna Exposure Media 2021

Salon Podcast

#1 Vanaf Elisa Verkoelen

#2 Vanaf Wibe Koopman

#3 Vanaf Hanneke Rozemuller

Vanaf Hier Opendag Special

#4 Vanaf Menno Zeegers

Vanaf Hier Opendag Special

#5 Vanaf Joeri Boelhouwer

#6 Vanaf Noa Wassink

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Salon Exhibition

#2 In your absence
#1 Laus Heezemans

Salon program

23.06.21- 26.06.2 Side Program Salon Exposure

Salon from Home 

#18 Everything’s Fine Zine
#17 Charlotte de Vries
#16 Tonya Heeringa
#15 Annelotte Stroober
#14 I Am Lotus
#13 Vincent Spiering
#12 Joeri Boelhouwer
#11 Noah van de Wetering
#10 Keanu Schipper
#09 Laura van Erp
#08 Noa Wassink
#07 Ben Patacas
#06 Anke Verbeek & Mara de Groot
#05 Peter Roeleveld
#04 Chayren Zimmerman
#03 Madelief Kok
#02 Teri de Wit
#01 Mara de Groot

Salon Event

Online#05 interMEDIA
Online#04 Homegrown with Anders Zine & FW: books
Online#03 Plugged-in with Studio Yonk & Rob Hornstra
Online#02 For all the lonely people with  Femme ter Haar & StuW
Online#01 Misha Valejo in collaboration with Docking Station

Salon Isolation Celebration

1.15h dolley deejay & ro barbie
0.15h lucfasa - daniel sante -
pseo lux
23.45h dylan greene &
gus wickerhoff
23.00h LIJO & pocket knife army
22.00h oliv oliv - james whistler - roman coskun
21.30h open mic
21.00h SEM
20.30h vikkie doet alles
20.00h waar het schip strand

Salon Exposure 2020

27.06.2020 Future Plans Elja Looijestijn & Graduates
26.06.2020 Bookclub
De Boekenbar & Graduates
25.06.2020 In the Utrechtse Boekenbar 


Salon is a platform for and by students of HKU Media - expo’s, lectures, workshops and discussions in which exchange with others is the main goal.

The connections you make during your time as a student can be very valuable, also after you’ve graduated. By organizing a variety of events, we aim to bring students from different departments in contact with each other which hopefully results in new connections, ideas and inspiration. Meet the Salon crew ︎︎︎